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When:May 4, 7:30 PM
Where:Cashmere Club

Gig Info

If you are looking for music that you recognise and enjoy then the Mainland Big Band has it.

Special guest performer: Michael, aka ‘Ritchie Venus’

We are delighted to have Michael, aka ‘Ritchie Venus’ (lead guitar and vocals) doing a feature performance.

Michael is a regular performer in his own right around Christchurch and his career includes film, published film reviews and original recordings. He will perform his recent American hit record, along with some popular standards. We all look forward to hearing what he will do.

Next Gig

October 26, 10:30 AM
The Terrace, Oxford Terrace
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Bands on the Terrace: The Big Band Festival The Terrace spoils for choice with places to eat and drink and has conveniently placed terraced seating overlooking the Avon River complete with ducks, punting and fantastic Big Band entertainment. The wet weather venue is Little Andromeda. We’re on first at 10.30am!